WEBINAR: The Backlash Against Smartphone Addiction: Understanding its Impact on Gen Z

Smartphone addiction exploded into the national consciousness in 2017 with a torrent of media coverage. We learned that Silicon Valley intentionally designs apps to be super-addictive, that a huge percentage of kids have developed smartphone addiction, and that this is damaging them emotionally, cognitively, socially, and physically.

Anyone working in a marketing-related function, and who keeps abreast of demographic and cultural trends, must ask the following questions: What are the underlying dynamics of this backlash? How might it evolve over time? What broad cultural shifts might it bring?

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2018 AMA Winter Academic Conference

Bringing together perspectives, approaches, and even fields that are outside marketing but studying what we also study (such as computer science). Marketing touches everything these days and the marketing discipline can take more ownership of this. 

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2018 Marketing and Public Policy Conference

The AMA’s annual Marketing and Public Policy Conference offers a broad range of sessions highlighting the intersection where marketing and public policy meet. Participants include marketers, academics and public policy makers from around the world and they represent a wide range of universities, agencies and organizations.

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